mute swimmer some examples / song against itself  |2011

double a sided single on bleeding heart recordings

you can buy this recording on itunes: here / 7" vinyl available: here






mute swimmer orientation |2011

limited edition hand numbered mini album

available to download here




mute swimmer mute swimmer |2010 

eleven track album on woodland recordings

for the limited edition hand packaged cd designed by the artist please email:

 or you can  download this recording here





mute swimmer sketches for e.e |2010 

super limited edition four track instrumental e.p.

recorded with a single mic in a kitchen on the event of the artist's neice's birth.

please email: for a copy

  download this recording here



 funés 30/01/08 |2009

seven track live album on woodland recordings




funés marriage |2007

rare four track self release now out of print



g. dale treehouse |2005

ten track debut recording



for the time being physical copies of some of these early releases are out of print. contact if you would like to hear these recordings in other formats.