dala is a moniker adopted for a number of film scores and collaborations by guy dale / mute swimmer. the project is defined by its use of practical and conceptual constraints in the production of sound works.

pc is derived solely from the amplified 'silence' of the computer soundcard recording nothing. This sample essentially becomes a source palette that is manipulated in the same computer. 

guitar is derived from a recording of a guitar being plugged into an amplifier via a cable and then being removed.

radio (am/fm) is derived solely from a recording of fifteen minutes of radio transmission on May 5th 2003.

cigarette is derived entirely from the construction of a cigarette up to and including the point of its ignition.

hyrogen was composed for paisaje cero a film installation by the artist ana martinez.  it was premiered at the museo cristóbal gabarrón in murcia, spain in 2006.