I provide formal and informal consultation and mentoring in english for art practitioners, theorists and students.

 Services I can offer you in person and online:

  • one-to-one consultations dedicated to your art practice, interests and theoretical concerns. If you need constructive feedback, troubleshooting, critique or informal exchange of ideas and perspectives about your work I can help. These can be one off or regular sessions, as required. 
  • one-to-one consultations for writing assignments, artist statements, talks and seminars. Whether you are writing or reading in English as a first or second language I provide basic proofreading, and correction services as well as more detailed expositional work, speech and pronunciation workshops. (Please note I can help with proofreading in english in all subject areas - but for more detailed work and guidance my specialism resides in the arts)
  • one to one consultations for creative writing, poetry and song writing in English. In recent years I've worked predominantly in the area of performance, song writing and spoken word. I can provide lyric writing development tutorials and workshops as well as basic proofreading of your creative work in english.
I realise that artists often feel a gap in support, critical discussion and analysis of their practice after leaving university or a period working alone. Sometimes romantic isolation in art is necessary - and sometimes it's not. I provide a space for the latter - whether you are an established artist, a graduating student, under supported post-grad or a independent amateur. I pride myself on my ability to listen and relate to others and to reflect on a diverse range of approaches within art production.


I received a First Class Hons in Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester, England in 1997. I went on to complete a Doctorate in Fine Art Practice in 2002. My practice over this period has taken in a diverse range of media including painting, installation, sculpture, photography and more recently sound and performance. As such I have extensive experience in the area of art practice, research and theory. I also have over ten years experience lecturing and teaching at the universities of De Montfort, Reading, Northbrook and Koblenz. I continue to exhibit and perform internationally. Some examples of my practice can be found among these pages.

If you need a one off tutorial to simply bounce new ideas off another person or a more sustained program of constructive, informed critical feedback on a body of work, text or talk - I can help. Tutorials can be undertaken in person and online.

Payments for tutorials  can be made via bank transfer, Paypal or cash. Simply get in touch for a quote: / +4917670772432 (What's App)